Both these pictures were done this summer. The winter scene, oil on canvas, is based on a photo I took in January, and the summer scene, from a different perspective, is based on plein-air viewing. I have used the snow scene for our Christmas card.

Winter, Malling Down, East Sussex
Summer, Malling Down, East Sussex

The Art Nouveau watering can is a drawing I did in pastel during the summer.

Still life with brass watering can

I thought it might be acceptable to reprise my old reading of T. S. Eliot’s ‘The Journey of the Magi ‘.

Happy Christmas!

11 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS EVE”
  • Patricia J.

    So good to hear your tender and expressive voice this Christmas Eve. . . . and the lighting is superb. Thank you for sharing your time with us.

  • Jack Archer

    Thank Goodness! I’ve been checking for months for a note from you on your blog. Beginning to get worried. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • Shirley Ingram

    A lovely gift. Thank you, Edward.

  • David Yelland

    Thank you. Delighted to hear and see your wonderful art once more.

  • Tim Willard

    Thank you for this beautiful reading and your art.

  • Nancy Vermette

    How marvelous to see a post for Christmas! Your presence has been missed. Happy Christmas to you and family! “Keep on truckin’ “ as we used to say in my era….!
    Hope you are able to add some to your blog in 2020, sir.

  • Richard Luetchford

    So glad to hear from you again old friend.but your pictures are not showing.Have a happy and peaceful new year

    • Jack Archer

      Can’t see photos either. Check your photo settings — something is amiss.

  • Emmy Táncsics

    I was delighted to see your most recent post.
    Your presence and your readings are most appreciated.

    • Jane Fuller

      Oh yes! I too have been checking in for months and am so glad to stream your post which my gladness has prevented me from streaming until I
      jotted you a note of gratitude. Your well being is
      “a regular” in my prayers. xxx Jane

  • Hilary Morris

    As ever your wonderful delivery fills this bleak world with something which is so precious. Thank you so much.

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