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It matters not that this is too late to be mistaken for an April Fool gag because it is no joke that
Malcom, my sound engineer , who is convinced that De Veer wrote the plays we know as the works of Shakespeare, he and I are on the cusp of presenting Hamlet- a full audio production with wind, flourishes, foils, footsteps–alarums and excursions- all the best ‘radio scenery’ to fire your imagination.
I was offered the part of Hamlet twice- by The Mermaid Theatre and by the British Council to act before the Roman ruins at Ballbek. Both productions, for different reasons, fell through.
My determination to right this before it is too late ( I am a mere 84) is demonstrated in this tiny trailer of quotes.  Place orders if you wish- do it today and you will get a very low price. I should mention if it is not obvious that I play all the parts- except as in the old tradition  up to Wolfit- my wife will play Ophelia!