My life has often been marked, and enriched, by the most remarkable coincidences; and sometimes the coincidences come not single spies, but in battalions (or at any rate in small clusters). This Christmas Eve I thought I’d share with you a very recent brush with serendipity.

In addition, I specially want to thank all of you who communicate, via my website and YouTube, to express your appreciation and send Christmas wishes. May I wish you in turn a happy Christmas and a bright, peaceful New Year. Till the next time …

3 thoughts on “A FIRESIDE ANECDOTE”
  • Sandra Harvey

    A very happy fulfilling Christmas Edward. I have now watched the DVD of Nicholas Nickelby that I had just obtained when we last corresponded. I expected to enjoy it (of course) but was not prepared for the depth of emotion and new understanding of Dickens genius. The staging was innovative, not relying on scenery to impart atmosphere but best of all allowed the actors to impart their magic. Your “Newman Noggs” was a unique blend of humility and an enduring belief of what is right. You retained your dignity despite being downtrodden by a selfish master to whom money was his God. Thank you for allowing me to feel that all is not lost if only one refuses to give up. I shall look forward to 2018 with renewed enthusiasm. and appreciation of the joys that money cannot buy!

  • Jo=Anne Cappeluti

    After listening to your fireside anecdote and reading your poem about a December night, I can’t help but
    ponder the (endless) comparisons between serendipity and, synchronicity–as well as think of W. H. Auden’s
    insightful “Leap before You Look,” which I think you’d enjoy because you are willing to leap–just to see for yourself
    what’s there. Merry Christmas to you and the happiest of new years,
    Jo-Anne Cappeluti

  • Norma Wilshaw

    Thank you. You are heartwarming to listen to. I wish you good health and a new year of abundance in all wonderful things.

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