I am very pleased to announce that the first item of a new departure is about to appear; nothing revolutionary, in fact Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol is almost synonymous with the coming season, although I have only got to know intimately of its virtues since studying it for this audiobook project in the form in which Dickens performed it in his famed public readings.

I hope to do a series of audiobooks online. The less familiar Doctor Marigold makes up this pre-Christmas package and together they are to be offered, with at least one more item, at an introductory pre-Christmas price of three pounds per download, irrespective of differing running time: Carol/Marigold make a total of some 145 minutes.

As I say there will be at least one more item before Christmas. Malcolm Blackmoor is recording engineer; he did the various recordings of Slim Chances and we have agreed that whatever the proceeds of the December period will be donated in total to theatrical charities to be announced.

I have been in touch, of course, with Kathleen and we hope to produce one of our short films in time for Christmas.

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  • Jim and Barbara

    We have just finished listening to A Christmas Carol. What a gift you have given us this Christmas, Edward. Thank you so much and may your Christmas be truly blessed. Jim and Barbara Day

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