This September the annual Art Festival in Lewes, Art Wave, usually extending into artists homes, is confined to their gardens or separate studios.

Malcom, who recorded Hamlet, and I want to combine my visual art with the audio in my garden come September not by inflicting the three hours forty minutes of our audio version on our visitors, but a pithy, optional ‘immersive’ experience, embracing related pictures – Stoppard’s Rosencrant’s and Guildenstern,  for instance, the almost mythical figures  Perrot and Harlequin… well as the painting that celebrates my ‘Lear spin off’ My Perfect Mind (which my daughter describe as surreal.

A Brush Backstage would be an ideal title were it not that paintings and pastels of the immediate landscape surrounding where we live were not ‘part of the picture.’

Hamlet, the Ghost in a garden

Should I be begging your pardon?

But Elsinore’s night

Was first played in day light

With Will as the Ghost so don’t Harden…


…Your heart, for Artwave plein air

Is fine, if the weather is fair

My portfolio

Includes audio

Immersive and extraordinaire


And foot lights will hang in the shade

They lit the first parts that I played

I think it was Brecht

Didn’t like their effect

His famed ‘A’ effect

Spread almost unchecked

His the style then that must be obeyed


I have completed these three pictures within the last two weeks

I am already making some new pictures specially in case there are people who want to buy at Art Wave


We plan to do two of the first weekend afternoons, 11th & 12th September and the 18th & 19th.

3 thoughts on “ART WAVE”
  • Teal

    Hello, Lovely to dip in and visit your site after more than a year and see that you are busy creating and blessing!

  • Ben Stafford

    Where are the pictures for sale? Is there a web link? Ben Stafford

  • Phoene

    I came to find your WORD SHAPE SHADOW today (Sept 3rd 2023) but sat nav didn’t land at a dairy but opposite a campsite – we looked and l0oked but couldn;t find your place- shame – hope others have more success – looked interesting

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