Both these pictures were done this summer. The winter scene, oil on canvas, is based on a photo I took in January, and the summer scene, from a different perspective, is based on plein-air viewing. I have used the snow scene for our Christmas card.

Winter, Malling Down, East Sussex
Summer, Malling Down, East Sussex

The Art Nouveau watering can is a drawing I did in pastel during the summer.

Still life with brass watering can

I thought it might be acceptable to reprise my old reading of T. S. Eliot’s ‘The Journey of the Magi ‘.

Happy Christmas!

13 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS EVE”
  • Patricia J.

    So good to hear your tender and expressive voice this Christmas Eve. . . . and the lighting is superb. Thank you for sharing your time with us.

  • Jack Archer

    Thank Goodness! I’ve been checking for months for a note from you on your blog. Beginning to get worried. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • Shirley Ingram

    A lovely gift. Thank you, Edward.

  • David Yelland

    Thank you. Delighted to hear and see your wonderful art once more.

  • Tim Willard

    Thank you for this beautiful reading and your art.

  • Nancy Vermette

    How marvelous to see a post for Christmas! Your presence has been missed. Happy Christmas to you and family! “Keep on truckin’ “ as we used to say in my era….!
    Hope you are able to add some to your blog in 2020, sir.

  • Richard Luetchford

    So glad to hear from you again old friend.but your pictures are not showing.Have a happy and peaceful new year

    • Jack Archer

      Can’t see photos either. Check your photo settings — something is amiss.

  • Emmy Táncsics

    I was delighted to see your most recent post.
    Your presence and your readings are most appreciated.

    • Jane Fuller

      Oh yes! I too have been checking in for months and am so glad to stream your post which my gladness has prevented me from streaming until I
      jotted you a note of gratitude. Your well being is
      “a regular” in my prayers. xxx Jane

  • Hilary Morris

    As ever your wonderful delivery fills this bleak world with something which is so precious. Thank you so much.

  • carol carlson

    Just wondering how you are surviving Brexit and the virus – such a terrible double punch. Now that it’s impossible to conceal from the rest of the world that my own country is completely on the ropes, we are all just waiting, over here, for the inevitable meltdown in our crazed Fuhrer, which could be worse for the whole world than COVID-19. I hope that this finds you well and able to celebrate Easter and spring. Still enjoying the posts and past performances: you are such a gift to the world, Edward. I would also like to know how to order Slim Chances – I haven’t been able to access order forms from the website. God bless you!

  • Karen H

    What a gift to see and hear this today! So much has happened since you recorded this. The world is quite changed, but this reading, this art, brings us to that sacred place of beauty, our happy home. What a gift! Thank you

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