And thanks for the light.

Dr Rank’s last line in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House

Yesterday was National Poetry Day in the UK and the theme was Light. At our new home in Sussex, our south-facing garden lies under an amazing expanse of sky and we are treated to glorious sunrises and sunsets as well as the ever-changing light on the neighbouring hill and the cloud formations above.

Photo by EP
Photo by EP

But I share with you here an impromptu ‘prose poem’ I wrote a few years ago whilst contemplating an October sunset from our then suburban, more circumscribed idyll.

What I really wanted to say was about the view of our small garden from the conservatory in which I am sitting at 18:11 with the light fading and the leaves absolutely still. Now the light on my keyboard has a touch of sunset about it. It is 18:17 and I have been out to look to the West and see the apricot-coloured clouds, not quite in mackerel formation, but I type too slowly to stop and stare and record the extraordinary lighting effects, different every time I look up, but it is the leaves that I wanted to talk about. There is ivy and holly, and a big iceberg rose bush, lime leaves are darkening and I can’t see the honeysuckle – the effect even after a day of tidying up our little patch of nature looks, as ever, overgrown, but as I often think, well ordered. Each leaf finds its proper place, unlike my papers in the various rooms of the civilized house behind me which are in unsorted chaos. … have plugged in the Halogen reading lamp and I think again of the garden, the Western sky was roseate moments ago, but now I look up and discern only the faintest tinge of rose in an otherwise slate-grey sky which might be deciding to turn grey-blue as I look.

Nature is, of course, a miraculous poem unto itself.

2 thoughts on “LIGHT”
  • Nancy Vermette

    There is just something about October Light, morning and evening! I admittedly miss the morning one frequently, always vowing in awe to not miss the opportunity so often. One doesn’t get photos usually because ,as you mentioned, one looks down or away only to miss yet another colour change. Our leaves are mostly on the ground already adding a somewhat wistful aspect to the scene – winter is on its way.
    Oh well, because I am a night owl, I shall have those opportunities to marvel at ‘the moon on the breast of the new fallen snow, etc ‘, another Light to be experienced! Pleased that you are moved, settled, hopefully, and writing again.

  • Patricia DeCorsey

    I have been waiting for this latest post. Thank you! The website looks fantastic too.

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