Bad luck does not intervene

By numbers and days, such as Friday, thirteen

Nature overnight

Bloomed this Blackthorn’s pure white

Unperturbed in its blessed routine.

Photo by EP
Photo by EP
3 thoughts on “LIMERICK FOR FRIDAY 13TH”
  • Lori

    Lovely…thank you.

  • alison

    so limerick is 5 sentences poem. didn’t know anything about it until now . I made an enquiry to my local book store about your book ( i live in hong kong). it is disappointing to know that the publisher had no stock. you tube is the only channel to enjoy your videos, pls stay healthy and continue to up loading.

  • John May

    Thank you, Edward. On that particular Friday the 13th I performed in Harold Pinter’s “No Man’s Land” at Amarillo Little Theater in Amarillo, Texas. Playing Briggs was the best luck this amateur could have. I loved it! You knew the men who created it and many who have revived it. It is a gift that will always be cherished. Please stay well and am anxiously awaiting the next post.

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