On the V&A being named 2016 Museum of the Year

The ‘loot’ of an empire’ s the proud V&A
From the days of pink maps when Britain held sway
So each acquisition
And each free admission
Takes us quite round the world in a day.

And some photos I took on a recent visit to the V&A.

Photo by EP
Photo by EP
Photo by EP
Vertumnus, protean god of seasons, and the nymph Pomona whom he was able to approach by disguising himself as an elderly woman, and Cupid at their feet. By the Flemish sculptor Laurent Delvaux. Photo by EP
One thought on “MUSEUM OF THE YEAR”
  • Marie Harrison

    Stunning photographs. I especially love the one with the windows looking onto the damp pavement. It’s so sumptuous and exotic that one might be very far from London. Thanks for sharing this !

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