Eternity’s a terrible thought. I mean, where’s it all going to end?

Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Photo by EP

Christmas is a time for recycling. This isn’t an installation at Tate Modern (I wonder what they do about their recycling). Nobody here in East Sussex, where we live, will take paper and cardboard in the same container. Be that as it may, I’m recycling a poem, ‘Infinity … and So Forth’, which you’ve possibly heard to infinity, so I’ve done a shorter version with a special verse for Christmas.

And talking of recycling, and indeed revivifying, the tree you can see in my introduction to the film is a dead branch of a silver birch that our tree surgeon son Arthur erected in our new house instead of a pine.

4 thoughts on “RENEWAL”
  • Margaret

    Thank you for these words of faith. I looked up your blog because I’m a fan of your iteration of Lord Peter Wimsey, and I was charmed by your expressions of faith, in mid-winter Epiphany. Belief in the “dearest freshest deep-down things” is perhaps unpopular these days, but it requires so much more of a stretch of credulity to not find faith in God I think! As you express in the song of the robin described. I felt inspired by your delicate verse and thank you for posting! In Jesus, whose birth I celebrate, MB

  • Andrea

    You are a metaphysical poet! Such wit, in verse form and rhythm, and such thoughtful questions elegantly and spaciously expressed. And with such a lovely voice and cadences. Thank you. I love Traherne, and your poem made me think of how he might have read his poems too.

    • Brandy

      Rigtig fede stev¸lÃr. Har haft kigget pÃ¥ dem i sort, men de brune er nu ret fede. MÃ¥ man spørge hvilken Bianco butik du har købt dem i ??

  • Lou Robbins

    I am still following you, after simple emails years ago. I am (just) surviving ten years of cancer and chemotherapy. Inspired by your broad genius in so many fields, I watch, listen, and marvel. To hear the artistry of your words and delivery are a tonic to brain, heart and spirit. Thank you.
    Lou Robbins

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