We’re waltzing in the wonder of why we’re here …

Howard Dietz & Arthur Schwartz, ‘Dancing in the Dark’ (1931)

The photo above shows a detail from the first annual Festival of Song and Light in New York’s Central Park in 1916. One hundred years later, London is celebrating the UK premiere of the Magical Lantern Festival at Chiswick House & Gardens. To mark the event and Chinese New Year, here is a short film about the magic and mystery of our ancient quest to ‘brighten up the night’.

Japanese lanterns
Japanese lanterns, which I photographed during the Far East tour Emily and I made with Twelfth Night in 1982.
Nature’s own illumination; sunset, East Sussex. Photo by EP
One thought on “SEE IT UNDER LIGHT”
  • Nancy Nichols

    So lovely! Thank you for this, and I love the perspective of the sunset through the condensed window.
    (In the title I thought you were quoting The Old Actor a bit… Try to see it under light!”) Joel and I so enjoyed your My Perfect Mind here in NYC. Hope you will come back with another reflection on the artists life?
    Best always,
    Nancy N

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