Tempestuous come-back




Perhaps it is touch and go for me  this year but the still life I drew in pastel this week

reassure me to open my Blog with something from my own reasonable steady hand.
Sadly my dear friend Kathleen is unable to continue her invaluable collaboration because of
family commitments.
Technical know how and an artistic eye is provided by Vincenzo, who was born in Naples and he is currently a mature student of animation at Brighton University; we met and noticing the paint splashes on my clothes, he was able to tell me too that he is flourished a paintbrush.


Here is my model theatre attempt to present the impossible first scene of Shakespeare’s last play.

Malcolm Blackmore is responsible for recording the cast and crew of the tempest tossed ship, (all played by yours truly). The ship and the storm or whatever dramatic impact they make, not to clever digital effects, but to what amounts an old fashion shadow play with a tracing paper screen, one light and an actual model ship.

6 thoughts on “Tempestuous come-back”
  • Penny Crichton-Seager

    I love it. Do make more. It really is so good to see you are still acting and painting. Creativity is the certain key to a happy and good life.
    From a fellow artist

  • Sr. Mirjam Dinkelbach

    Dear Mr. Petherbridge,
    this night I wanted to finish my long mailing-afternoon with a view on your website, which always inspires me….and find something new!!! What a deep and symbolic thing you have posted, and as usual not hopeless but with looking a rogue…do one say so? What a lesson! It’s awe-inspiring! Your film spontaneously reminds me of the young Island singers Of Monsters And Men’s official “Little Talks” video:
    Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks (Official Lyric Video) – Bing video / https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=of+monsters+and+men+-+little+talks&qpvt=of+monsters+and+men+-+little+talks&view=detail&mid=2AF94A6BD9DF6EAC886B2AF94A6BD9DF6EAC886B&&FORM=VRDGAR
    I heard this song in radio ten years ago the day when my old loved mentor died, and it had come to my ear like his own voice .telling me about neverending everlasting life.
    It’s the same dimension from where he and you are talking to me: from beyond whatever can happen to us on earth…
    Thank you so much
    Sr. Mirjam

    • Jim and Barbara Day

      So enjoyed your latest creation.
      Jim and Barbara

  • Anita

    Mr. Petherbridge, I love your model theatre. Do you ever visit the Fashion and Textile Museum, currently holding an exhibition of Kaffe Fassett’s work? Over decades of watching your performances, I’ve envied the costumes you got to wear. What is it like to work with costume designers? Were there any costumes you particularly enjoyed? Did you want to take home the entire Wimsey wardrobe (oh the hats!). Thank you for sharing glimpses of your amazing life.

  • Katharine Holden

    Love the model theater.. Thank you for posting it

  • Hilary Morris

    Dear Edward is there any chance of a few recorded words from you this Christmas? With the world being in such a precarious state this would be the tonic so many of us need. Take care, Hilary

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