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Uncategorized November 28, 2010


Blow, blow, thou winter wind. It looks as if I will be sending you seasonal snow scenes very soon. Hoping meantime that my Budapest film suffices until my next posting midweek. Meanwhile, this shows what you can do to amuse yourself and the children with felt-tip pens and ping pong balls. I have kept these …

Uncategorized November 25, 2010


My first iPhone film! (N.B. The video is possibly best viewed in small screen to avoid delays in loading, but you can double-click to enlarge.)

Uncategorized November 21, 2010


For shadow play of Budapest Time has made its acid test So there will be a slight delay Before my shadows have their say But have no fear – I’m all agog We’ll catch the clock up with the blog. E.P. ____________________ For those of you who may have missed my ‘kitchen-table’ meditation on King …

Uncategorized November 14, 2010


Heroes’ Square, Budapest Surreal supper in solitary splendour in the hotel with Harry Potter on TV and Mike Gambon’s Dumbledore speaking Hungarian, which seemed right as I last worked with Mike here in Budapest. The screen was a thumbnail size at arm’s length, if you follow me, but dominated the empty dining room. It was …

Uncategorized November 7, 2010


We know that Anthony Hopkins reads through and speaks his film parts a hundred times before he gets to the studio. This element of intense preparatory study is the thing that connects the actor performing before the oil and gas footlights of the 18th and 19th centuries with the film actor today finding his mark …

Uncategorized November 1, 2010


Emily and Edward at home in their London garden, circa 1985. As you may have seen, Edward is a follower of Ruth Johnston’s excellent blog Cocktails and Feminism. This week Ruth has posted an interview with Edward’s wife, Emily Richard, in which she gives a candid and fascinating insight into her career as an actress, …