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And calm within the bosom of the down, As though no Time could waste, no Fortune fret Her ancient peace, I see my own fair Town, Girdled with golden sunbeams, changeless yet. William John Courthope, ‘The Country Town: A Reverie’ A little film featuring the ancient church of St Peter, Hamsey and the Saxon king Athelstan

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A largess universal, like the sun, His liberal eye doth give to every one, Thawing cold fear, that mean and gentle all Behold, as may unworthiness define, A little touch of Harry in the night. Henry V, Prologue to Act IV Today, the Feast of Saints Crispin and Crispinian, marks the 600th anniversary of the

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And thanks for the light. Dr Rank’s last line in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House Yesterday was National Poetry Day in the UK and the theme was Light. At our new home in Sussex, our south-facing garden lies under an amazing expanse of sky and we are treated to glorious sunrises and sunsets as well as