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DAVID RYALL, 1935-2014

Today I turned up the notes I had written after my visit to Bille Whitelaw at Denville Hall and found David Ryall’s name too. David had played a small part in Trelawny of the ‘Wells’, I recall. Proudly, Billie showed me her room. They’ve built a fine new extension since I was last there in …

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Then suddenly lights began to appear along the German parapet, which were evidently makeshift Christmas trees, adorned with lighted candles, which burnt steadily in the still, frosty air.  Rifleman Graham Williams, of the 5th London Rifle Brigade A Merry Christmas to You All! Photo by EP

Uncategorized December 22, 2014


Photo by EP I know that we both took acting classes for young amateurs in the same upper room in Bradford – a disused wool-sorting room it was in Chapel Street, the least theatrical street imaginable but the cradle of a surprising number of theatrical careers. She must have preceded me by about three years. …

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Thanks to art, instead of seeing one world only, our own, we see that world multiply itself and we have at our disposal as many worlds as there are original artists, worlds more different one from the other than those which revolve in infinite space, worlds which, centuries after the extinction of the fire from …