Photo by EP

I walked through the alleys up to Hampstead proper this afternoon, retracing the footsteps of the old poets and painters I like to think. I took a picture of the Admiral’s House, painted at least twice by Constable, but I was wondering about abstraction and trying to compose in my head a limerick about it; I got as far as ‘critics’ criteria’ to rhyme with ‘inferior’ and, turning from the last alley into Heath Street, was faced by a new gallery with a Miro in the window.

Photos by EP
I cased the joint then went down the hill to the art shop and bought some materials …
        Is the science of Art quite exact?
        And where would that place the Abstract?
        I think I would fall
        Having no rules at all
        Or is it just courage I’ve lacked

        I’ve bought me a grained piece of wood
        A few dabs of paint would look good
        I might stop the traffic
        Turning non-pictographic – 
        All abstract – if only I could!

Photo by EP

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