As you may have noticed, Edward’s blog has
been rechristened, at least for the time being, Petherbridge’s Fortnightly Post. As preparations for My Perfect Mind intensify, it has become
difficult to maintain a weekly posting, but stay tuned for a veritable feast of
words, images and film in the weeks and months ahead.
Many of you are no doubt aware that Edward
is an honorary Book Fox on the popular bibliophile site Vulpes Libris. Last
week the Foxes celebrated their fifth anniversary and, as part of the
celebrations, Edward contributed an essay of appreciation – an essay that
touches upon Albert Camus, The Waste Land,
Shostakovich and Spinal Tap! The link to this can be found over on his News blog.
Last but certainly not least, you will also
find on the News blog the full list of dates and venues for the tour and London
premiere of My Perfect Mind, Edward
and Paul Hunter’s unique two-man version of Shakespeare’s King Lear.
A new blog will appear next weekend. In the
meantime, a little sneak preview from of our West Hampstead volume – a street
party that truly made a splash!
Photo by EP

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