Apologies for the uncharacteristic gap this week. Book deadlines have loomed (and been met) and plans for the National Theatre Platform on 23 March are afoot.

Hope to make up for my momentary silence this weekend.

Updates to my website will also appear very soon, including the latest news on the book’s publication and related events.

Stay tuned.

My Best Wishes,

Edward Petherbridge

Meanwhile a sneak preview from Slim Chances. Can you spot my thirteen-year-old self?

My 4th-Form class, Grange Grammar, Bradford,
September 1949.
Click to enlarge photo.

4 thoughts on “APOLOGIES”
  • Prairie painter

    my guess is back row, far right end

  • Edward Petherbridge


  • susnyvon

    Your glorious countenance would impossible to mistake for any other.

  • Dalesman

    Is that "Big Jim" Mitchell in loco parentis at the front? He didn't look that much different when I started there in 1959!

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