Sunday night again and no chance of a blog worthy of the name, though, walking up to Pret a Manger at The Angel this morning in light drizzle from the Coco warm-up at Sadler’s Wells, I had all manner of ideas in my head. It is such a novelty to feel positive and content with the world whilst traversing London’s wet pavements, so much so that I thought I should just make a quick note of it here. I’d even bought a ludicrously expensive notebook so as to compose a poem over my crayfish and mango sandwich and probiotic yoghurt, but the magic faded as I realized it was past one o’clock and the first of our two shows was 1.30.
Coco is over now. I shall miss it … wouldn’t mind finding myself doing a lost musical every Sunday from now ’till my doomsday. The cast and director were adorable and only rarely maddening and Sara Kestelman’s Coco an absolute gem. I needed to get that off my chest, forgive me. A blog about something will eventually follow …  
Meanwhile, continuing my experiments on the tiny canvas of an iPhone, I offer you my living bouquet of wild dog roses. I have a pact with fourteen-year-old Doug Wood, who guides my blind Tiresias; we set each other subjects to be illustrated, which explains the word at the top of the picture.

3 thoughts on “AU REVOIR COCO”
  • Christine

    Your creations on your i-Phone are really amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  • dtstoner

    We wouldn't mind seeing you in a Lost Musical from now until doomsday. To see it in person was an experience we all put at the top of our London trip. Thank you.

  • jentay61

    We made the trip from Norfolk to the Southwark Playhouse last night and my goodness it was worth the delays and the vagaries of the satnav in finding the theatre. It is an intimate space, a production with a good cast and wonderful performance from yourself – Thank you so much,we left enriched and with much food for thought. Again, I can only agree with the above comments.

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