HMV, which I still prefer to remember as His Master’s Voice, is in administration and so to mark the event we have remade our little feature of April 2010 celebrating the label and the artist who made it famous, Francis James Barraud – not forgetting his dog ‘Nipper’.
6 thoughts on “HMV REPRISE”
  • AuntieNan

    What a lovely meditation on all the riches of the performing world! Sight, sound, irony, impermanence. Thanks for sharing them,
    Nancy N

  • Maggie Craig

    A beautiful poem, meditation and lament, Mr Petherbridge. Thank you so much for making it.

  • Rosemary Gemmell

    What a beautiful poem, tribute and film. Thank you for such a tranquil meditation on a winter's morning.

  • Margaret Jackman

    Our local HMV shop in Tamworth has hung on, continuing to trade through administration, but yesterday I noticed the STORE CLOSING signs are plastered across the frontage… 20% OFF. It's only a matter of time now. The dog & horn logo adorned my parents' brown, mottled, bakelite wireless, around which the family huddled to hear the wartime news bulletins and to laugh at ITMA. The jokes went completely over my head, but I laughed along with everyone else. Another piece of our history fading away "with a whimper".

    • Patty

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  • Clockwise-owl

    So it continues…our local HMV is to be a supermarket in Windsor..the times they are a 'changing..and change isn't always for the best

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