The National Theatre Archive has made available to me a recording of my Platform in March to launch Slim Chances. Two cameras were lurking in the upper reaches of the Cottesloe as I performed ‘in the round’ to a full house.

Was it in the attic that I bumped the back of my head? The evidence should have been covered with make-up, but I had no dresser to check me front and back before I went on in improvisatory mode at six o’clock … onto the set of The Holy Rosenbergs due to be performed that night – a living room in Edgware, North West London.

Here is an excerpt or two from the forty-five minute Platform. (As the volume is slightly challenged, the video might best be heard through earphones or external speakers.)

I would just like to say in closing that I read all your comments each week and find them touching and encouraging by turns.
Just a reminder that signed copies of Slim Chances are available from Edward’s website along with a limited-edition pack of postcards and greeting cards produced for his Burgh House exhibition.
4 thoughts on “IN THE ROUND”
  • AuntieNan

    You brought in your shopping!! Just as you said you might… (And the phone call is just terrific.) Every little shift in that opening is a scene in itself, Mr. P, and deliciously funny. Wish we'd been there to cheer you on, but now your excerpt is cheering me up. Thanks, as always, for opening the window into your theatrical life.
    Nancy N

  • Carol

    What a pleasure to be able to see a little bit of this! How wonderfully charming and interesting and funny! Thank you so much!

  • susnyvon

    The night before I opened your blog I read the chapter about Sir. Hearing you read it and having the chance to see what I missed was double the pleasure. I hope I will be able to attend your next performance, this was special. Thank you.

  • Middle Aged Biddy

    It has taken me weeks to work out how to disable my security settings and download a flashplayer so that I can watch these cast thingys (technology?) and it was worth every foul slur on the parentage of the makers of adobe apps that has been cast!
    Wonderful! You are an absolute treasure Mr P!

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