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10 thoughts on “LATE AND EARLY STAGES”
  • susnyvon

    Many thanks for the tour.The venue looks light and perfect for a showing. Sorry I couldn't attend to see your artwork in person,and you of course, looking wonderful and stress free!

  • Edward Petherbridge

    Susnyvon -Thankyou kindly – the hanging and the get out were hard work – you caught me in the easy bit!

  • AuntieNan

    How lovely to get the explanations of some of the artwork (and the fun with new technology!!) Much appreciated by those of us with the wide ocean between our eyes and your amazing creativity.
    PS I too loved the way you rendered the fabric of the jeans, but in NO WAY felt it detracted from the subject or emotional depth of the painting–
    Best always, Nancy N

  • Middle Aged Biddy

    How very funky of you to have an iPhone with such terrific apps. My carrier pidgeon was terribly impressed and is now demanding a pay rise – 'what recession?'

  • goflorida10

    Exquisite. Happy to be in your little corner of the world via the world wide web. Watching your tour of the room was like a 15 minute vacation. Hope to see a portrait of Lord Peter some time on here. Have you ever done a self portrait from a photograph?

  • goflorida10

    Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your brother.

  • susnyvon

    A portrait of Lord Peter would be a wonderful addition to your collection.

  • Edward Petherbridge

    Thank you for all of the above – reassuring that our modest 'art documentary' gave pleasure. Special thanks to goflorida10. Edward

  • jentay61

    Thank you so much for the tour – I am also discovering the "brushes" app on my ipad which is yet another interesting media to explore. The range and quality of your work is amazing and I would love to have seen it for myself. I also found your piece in the soulless coffee shop clever and telling. "Slim Chances" is enthralling and was definitely worth waiting for.
    Finally, please also accept my condolences on the passing of your brother.

  • Edward Petherbridge

    The mini monocled portrait will have to do for the moment- too late to do LPW in the mirror!

    I am tempted to get an iPad, but my daughter thinks it would be an indulgence and contribute to our damage of the planet.EP

    Than you Jentay for your condolences.

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