• susnyvon

    Thank you for this beautiful piece of your life. Feeling the same about my youth in a very different place and circumstance,you have inspired me to write about my feelings.
    Is the slight change in your accent one I would hear in Bradford?

  • AuntieNan

    Your poetry makes even sedge sound like something painterly. I was in tears, and then you rescued with the Lully and those GORGEOUS images. (I guess we all have a T'Old Field, tho some are far less deserving…)
    Nancy N

  • Edward Petherbridge

    Yes – that's a light touch of the sound of authentic Bradford. Thankyou both for your valued appreciation. Touched. EP

  • Christine

    A lovely poem and a lovely place (although I don't know how anyone can look at the scenery and think about anything but drinks with little umbrellas in them). I loved the contrast of the words, with a little bit of wilderness hewn out of the city, and the beauty of the Riveria. Nicely done.

  • jentay61

    Heart rending, evocative but unsentimental – coming from South Yorkshire my 't'owd' field has long disappeared under concrete but it's memory is still strong. Is there any chance of this piece appearing in text form please?

  • Edward Petherbridge

    It was Kathleen's idea to do this poem in the Antibes setting. So pleased it seems to have worked. The poem is in the book, but I will post it too. EP

  • Middle Aged Biddy


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