Well, old nag, let’s go smash our Shakespeare.

Epigraph to The Fairground Booth by Alexander Blok (taken from Kean by Alexandre Dumas)

To celebrate the beginning of rehearsals for the revival of My Perfect Mind (oddly arranged into two week-long blocks with a month in between to accommodate Paul Hunter’s filming commitments) and to celebrate, too, the surprising fact that this website has been seen so far in 4,042 cities in 121 countries, I felt the need to post a little extra something as a filler before the promised ‘Petherbridge Academy Summer Exhibition’ is quite ready. So here is a bit of footage filmed back in 1989 in the little Civic Theatre, as it was once called, in my hometown of Bradford.

And, of course, our director Kathryn Hunter is currently working in Peter Brook’s latest theatrical offering at the Young Vic, The Valley of Astonishment. I am sure Peter Brook, from the height of his long lifetime achievement, and forty-four years after the circus-inspired magic of ‘Brook’s Dream’, would not take amiss this somewhat tongue-in-cheek tribute to Total Theatre.

Photo by EP
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