To me, every hour of the light and dark is a
every inch of space is a miracle.

Walt Whitman

                                   To prove
Our almost-instinct almost true:
What will survive of us is love. 

Philip Larkin 
Imagine a Gothic chapel in the snow. Well, I say Gothic – late nineteenth-century. It’s a cemetery chapel, quite near our house, and it was done up for Christ’s birthday, as it were, last year, with candles and a bit of holly and, I think for the first time, a carol concert was held in it. I wrote this occasional poem:

Note: John Clement Bell, of Clayton and Bell stained glass, lived in Kingdon Road, West Hampstead and is buried in our local cemetery. Sir Walford Davies, who succeeded Elgar as Master of the King’s Musick, lived in Fawley Road, whilst his friend Frederick Rothwell, who, as organ builder to the Queen, was commissioned to rebuild the organ in St George’s Chapel Windsor, had his workshop just across from the cemetery in Fortune Green Road.


Photo by EP
6 thoughts on “THE REAL MIRACLE”
  • jentay61

    Wonderful,another moment of sanity in the "madness". Also, the new portrait of you is SO good! Many thanks for all the gems of 2011 and hoping for many more.

  • Vermont Designs

    I echo the sentiments expressed above. Thank you for writing the blog (what an ugly word that is for such interesting work). Shelagh in Vermont.

    • Frankie

      Just cause it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not super helpufl.

    • microsoft service kredit for web search api

      É super tradicional e tem varias coisas deliciosas! Gosto muito da madeira e vidro desta construção de época. Hoje em dia é freqüentado um pouco mais por turistas, então quem mora aqui acaba indo a lugares um pouco mais periféricos. Experimenta também a próxima vez o Rivoire que é ótimo!Grande beijoC


      Thank you for your insights and prayers. As my plans fell apart and the (seeming) craziness ensued it was hard to understand. Looking back however, I would not change one thing!

    • Brandon car insurace

      ha blog changla aahe pan jar aaj kalchya mula na jar sarl karnyasarkhe vishay jast niwdawet mahendra tu marathi aahes tymule u no their marathi boyies tendancy jar ti tu baddaliss tar kharch chan watel

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