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A new film blog to follow shortly. Meanwhile fresh plaudits for the Windsor reprise of Edward’s singing Canon Chasuble:
Written by Douglas Livingstone with music by Adam McGuiness and Zia Moranne, its songs could have been written by Wilde himself: they are witty, tell a story, are perfectly in keeping with the era and the original play and provide some of the funniest moments. One such occasion is the duet between distinguished actor Edward Petherbridge as the doddery Dr Chasuble, and Louise Gold, founding member of The Spitting Image team, as governess Miss Prism, imitating birds and bees as they sing of their love which ‘all began in a garden’. … Presented with more than just a little nod to an old fashioned variety show and not a touch of pantomime, with lime lights, ornate flats around the proscenium arch and a good dollop of melodrama, The Importance of Being Earnest has certainly grown up since its Hammersmith preview days and if it doesn’t go into the West End, as is rumoured, London’s theatreland will be the worse for it. 
UK Theatre Network (Full review)
Musical highlight, however, is the mock coyness of ‘It All Began in A Garden’, cleverly performed by Louise Gold as Miss Prism and stage veteran Edward Petherbridge as Dr Chasuble, which has the audience in stitches. A jaunty, jocular, little gem of an evening … Very British, very Windsor – and very good. Oscar would have approved! 
Fulham and Hammersmith Chronicle (Full review)
Photo by EP
The show is in its final week at Windsor and closes on Saturday 7th July. To book online, click here.
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