It may be a task that’s humdrum
This forcing the dirt to succumb
Who is it deplores
That I’m doing the chores?
I’ve done them, the cleaner can come.
And I have to get rid of my clutter
Released from its weight – oh but
what a
Joy it will be
When of dross I am free
Spring will spread wide, glide and flutter. 
Photo by EP
2 thoughts on “SPRING CLEANING”
  • Barbara Kashner

    Edward Petherbridge, my favorite and most respected actor of all time, you have delighted me by expressing, in poetry, the virtues of Spring cleaning. I now feel validated for the care and respect I lavish upon my Dyson DC 41.

  • Elizabeth J. Neal

    A lot of old posts have disappeared temporarily whilst I check through previous content. Cleaners Epsom

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