Now it’s a race against time to complete an additional painting or two, and shoot some video footage, for my Burgh House exhibition, which opens this Wednesday.
I enjoyed the National Theatre Platform last Wednesday. The challenge of presenting myself to the audience on four sides was stimulating and fun, though the bookshop running out of books was less amusing for the many who were left disappointed.
I hope to post something interesting in the next three days. Meanwhile, here is one of my photographs that I intend to display at the exhibition – taken at a morning rehearsal of the Chinese State Acrobats on their visit to the Coliseum Theatre in London some twenty years ago. What a way to start a morning!   
One thought on “STOPGAP”
  • jentay61

    My copy of "Slim Chances" arrived and while telling myself I would just look through it first and then settle down to read it properly later, I was engrossed straight away – an absolute feast!

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