The grate had been removed from the wide overwhelming fireplace, to make way for a fire of wood, in the midst of which was an enormous log glowing and blazing, and sending forth a vast volume of light and heat; this I understood was the Yule-log, which the Squire was particular in having brought in and illumined on a Christmas eve, according to ancient custom.

Washington Irving 
(who visited and celebrated bucolic West Hampstead)
A Very Merry Christmas 
to You All!
Photo by EP

You might like to revisit, or indeed see for the first time, Edward’s beautifully moving performance of Dickens’s Doctor Marigold, written as a Christmas story in 1865 and here presented at Stratford’s Other Place in 1999.
4 thoughts on “THE WAYS DEEP”
  • Margaret Jackman

    Thank you. That is a beautiful and evocative film; and a moving reading of Eliot's poem.

  • alixe atloveisaplace

    My dear Mr. Petherbridge, what a wonderful Christmas gift! Thank you.
    I have carried you in my heart for many years, and am just delighted to have found your blogs.
    Please, never stop reading to us.
    With gratitude and very best wishes from a devoted fan,
    Alixe Matthew

  • vza

    Mr. Petherbridge and Ms. Riley, you have an extraordinary blog. The readings, videos, and art are a delight.
    Thank you!

  • AuntieNan

    Thanks, ever, thanks. We are ever in your debt for sharing your considerable gifts with us!
    Nancy N

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