O, how wonderful is the human voice! It is indeed the organ of the soul. The intellect of man sits enthroned visibly upon his forehead and in his eye; and the heart of man is written upon his countenance. But the soul reveals itself in the voice only, as God revealed himself to the prophet of old in the still, small voice … The soul of man is audible, not visible.

                                                       Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Hyperion 

I started my Sunday by stumbling upon my wife Emily, thrilling in the last scene of a radio play she recorded years ago, and ended it listening to myself as Shakespeare. Musing thus on the subject of The Voice, I present here a short illustrated radio talk:

Courtesy of BBC iPlayer, you can hear Dreams and Censorship in its entirety as well as the full final episode of Back Home.

Sony Radio Awards, 1992. Photo by Tony Jones.
2 thoughts on “VOX HUMANA”
  • susnyvon

    Thank you for posting this,I just finished reading the chapter on the use of the actor's voice.
    I've been trying to listen to as many English actors.Today I was watching Basil Rathbone as he portrayed Sherlock Homes and istening to the timbre of his voice.Pronunciation is difficult for me, because unlike in the US, I can identify our speech patterns. I did notice both of you pronounce room just the same way. Slim Chances is wonderful.

  • Edward Petherbridge

    Touched by the warm reactions last week to my 'appearance' on Midweek and my travails underneath the dank London Bridge arches in a 2500-year-old drama. Thank you. EP

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