Hear the voice of the Bard!
Who Present, Past, & Future sees …

William Blake, Songs of Experience

Last week was the first annual, national Shakespeare Week. In celebration, I offer two new sonnets, written as a tribute from an actor to the one whom Ben Jonson called ‘the wonder of our stage’:

In progress
A new self-portrait, my second in oils, smaller and rather different in style from the one featured in our last film, Reflections.
My Perfect Mind returns to the Young Vic for a limited season 1st September. Booking is now open on the theatre’s website.
2 thoughts on “WONDER OF OUR STAGE”
  • Michael Sheehan

    Wonderful picture – Michael (No. 39)

  • Kate

    The other one was good but this one is more intimate, captures your reflective turn of mind. Very fresh.

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