You may recall an earlier incarnation of this self-portrait, which featured in my very first webcam blog back in March. Today I was inspired to revise the painting and so I offer here a detail of my work in progress.

Tomorrow a lunch reception is being given by Lord Cope of Berkeley for the Dorothy L. Sayers Society in the Cholmondeley Room and Terrace at the House of Lords. My wife Emily and I are invited and Jill Paton Walsh will be there. She will speak and I am to read from The Attenbury Emeralds. I am hoping to get an early night but want to get this painting’s improvements … improved first!
2 thoughts on “WORK IN PROGRESS”
  • jentay61

    Thank you SO much for your presence and reading at the reception and for taking the time to speak to me.
    It was the "icing on the cake" on a very interesting day – love the portrait too. Jenny

  • PRT

    Stumbled on this site recently. Now addicted to reading weekly post on Monday morning on iPhone while train is crawling to station. Makes the daily grind much better! Hope it's not a grind to write. Look forward to the book. Like the portrait, don't perfect it, it has character.

    Any more London theatre walks in the offing?

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